ImpNat Club Permit Registration

Club permits are now available through Import Nation!




We now have a spinoff brand, ImpNat Automobile Society – registered through Vic Roads to offer club membership to Victorian motorists. 

Is your car or motorcycle now 25 years or older? Always been curious about those red plates you see on older cars? Or just looking to change clubs? We can help out.

We do not have any pesky compulsory club meetings, or activities, and we understand that most of our members are adults, with busy lifestyles, so even if we do organise the odd cruise, or meetup for our members, it will never be required!

Costs for yearly membership are: $75.00 + Vic Roads fees.

Terms and condition apply as per Vic Roads requirements.


This is a club by Enthusiasts, for Enthusiasts. If you are unsure if you can apply, you are welcome to contact us on 03 9580 7546, at or just pop into Import Nation at Factory 2 / 7 Downard Street, Braeside, and we would be happy to advise.



Vicroads Club Permit Scheme Background

The Club Plate Permit Scheme allows members of car clubs that are recognised by Vicroads, including ImpNat Automobile Society, to make limited use of classic vehicles on the road network. Vehicles must be at least 25 years old to participate in the scheme.

Under the new conditions of use introduced in 2011, permit holders are no longer restricted to club sanctioned activities when using their vehicles. Club Permit vehicles can be used at any time for any purpose other than for the carriage of goods or passengers for hire or reward.

A logbook is issued to permit holders to record the use of the vehicle over the permit period. A log book entry must be made each day that the vehicle is used (unless the vehicle is within 100 metres of the garaged address).

A logbook must be carried in the vehicle at all times the vehicle is in use.

Financial members of ImpNat Automobile Society are able to apply for either a 45 or 90 day permit through Vicroads depending on how much use they expect to make of their vehicles over a 12 month period. If a person obtains a 45 day permit but later decides that this is not enough, another 45 day permit may be purchased later on.

However, no-one will be able to obtain a permit to drive their vehicle for more than 90 days in each 12 month registration period.

If you are interested in obtaining a Club Permit, please familiarise yourself with Vicroads requirements, link below.

How to Apply

Contact ImpNat Automobile Society

Contact us to establish if your vehicle complies with our club vehicle criteria. This can be done by visiting us at Import Nation during business hours, or via email / Facebook  / phone / SMS.


Complete the required paperwork;

  1. Club Permit Application (Via Vicroads website / or through us).
  2. You will need a current Road Worthy Certificate (Not required if you're transferring from another club’s permit scheme or if your vehicle is pre 1949).
  3. Your evidence of identity for the club permit holder (Driver’s License) and if applicable, for your authorised agent.


The following form will be supplied by us on successful application;

  1. Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration for Club Permit Vehicles
  2. ImpNat Automobile Society Membership Acceptance Form

If you're transferring from another clubs permit scheme, you'll need to obtain a Club Membership Transfer Form from us. Let us know you're transferring from another club and we'll provide you with the correct signed form at the conclusion of your assessment.


Vehicle Assessment / Meet and Greet

You will need to visit us at Import Nation during business hours for your vehicle, we will need to assess your vehicle for compliance with the regs and make sure your paperwork is in order.

We won’t endorse an application for a person we have never met. This is so that we can ensure you are a genuine enthusiast who won’t be abusing our club plate status;

Vehicles that have had significant modifications will be considered on a case by case basis, and may not be approved if they are deemed to be too modified from original for highway use. A current RWC is the strongest argument that the car is safe for highway use.


Membership Payments

Before completing your application, your vehicle membership status will need to be completed via paying your yearly fees. Your yearly membership can be paid in person at Import Nation, or in advance via Bank Transfer. Please note that your membership fees are per year and per vehicle, at each renewal period this will need to be paid to ImpNat Automobile Society for continued membership.

(Your fees will need to be paid in full before Vicroads will declare your vehicle in the Club Permit Scheme)


Visit Vicroads to receive your Club Permit & Number Plates

Visit Vicroads with your paperwork and eligible vehicle, pay your registration yearly fees, plate fees and obtain your Club Permit plates and logbook.

Vicroads may choose to inspect the vehicle at the time of application, to check your engine number against the records provided. This is usually a quick and easy process.


Vicroads will refuse to issue a club permit;

  • if it is not satisfied that the vehicle is safe to use on a road or road related area or
  • if a current club permit already exists for the same vehicle (Excluding transfers)
  • a currently registered vehicle (Registration must be cancelled at the time of application to Vicroads
  • a vehicle that is recorded on the Victorian or an interstate Written-off Vehicles Register as a statutory write-off
  • a vehicle that has a sheriff's office or hoon sanction
  • a vehicle that is recorded as stolen.
After you receive your Club Permit


Email us the;

Permit Number (Number Plate number)

Permit Expiry Date


    Remove your old windshield club sticker if in-place, and affix the new one.

    Your new club booklet will need its replacement sticker affixed.

    Member Rules

    Abide by the rules set out in Vicroads PDS for Club Permits. We do not ask much!



    There will be no compulsory meetings, or gatherings.

    Disposal - If you sell or dispose of your Club Permit vehicle, or decide not to renew your Permit, please notify us so we can update our records and notify Vicroads.

    Remember, this type of registration is a privilege, not a right. So be excellent to each other and don’t ruin it for everyone.


    In summary, what is required;

    • The permit holder is a financial member of a club,
    • The vehicle is safe and roadworthy,
    • The vehicle is not used for commercial purposes
    • A logbook entry is made if the vehicle moves more than 100 metres from the vehicle's garage address.
    • A club permit vehicle must comply with the Vehicle Standards, appropriate to the date the vehicle was manufactured, contained in Schedule 2 of the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2009.
    Yearly Renewals

    Each year your Club Permit must be renewed. To do this, we must be contacted to countersign the application as the Clubs authorised representative. 

    This can be completed by either seeing us at Import Nation, or via mailing your paperwork to us.


    In store At Import Nation;

    Bring in your forms during business hours, you can make your yearly vehicle ImpNat Automobile Society membership payment to us in person via Credit Card or Cash. Your renewal can then be signed by the present Club Representative.


    By Mail;

    You are welcome to mail your renewal forms to us at;


    Import Nation

    Factory 2 / 7 Downard Street

    Braeside, VIC 3195


    Your yearly vehicle ImpNat Automobile Society membership dues will need to be paid before your forms are signed and returned to your specified address. Once received you are then able to visit Vicroads to complete your registration renewal.


    Please plan ahead! You do not want your Club Permit to lapse, this process may take time!


    Remove your old windshield club sticker, and affix the new one.

    Your new club booklet will need its replacement sticker affixed.


    It is your responsibility to become familiar and comply with the conditions of the Club Permit Scheme. By law failure to do this will result in severe penalties for yourself, and your club status. Given the significant benefits and modest fees, users of the scheme must consider it a privilege rather than a right.

    We are obligated to notify members of suspected safety issues or non-compliance with the club permit scheme requirements, Vehicle Standards and/or modification guidelines and require that these issues are rectified within 14 days. If issues are not resolved by the member within 14 days, ImpNat Automobile Society must notify VicRoads.

    We are obligated to notify Vicroads if your membership lapses.

    Driving without a signed booklet for any given day will result in you being fined by Vic Police if caught, charged as an unregistered vehicle.  Vic Police / Vicroads will then notify us of the breach, which will result in immediate termination of your club membership and registration.

    Note a "day" in a logbook entry is from 12 midnight to 12 midnight.

    The Club Permit Scheme is administered by VicRoads under the VicRoads Business Rules. Victoria Police ensures compliance with the scheme.


    ImpNat Automobile Society Contact Information


    Import Nation

    Factory 2 / 7 Downard Street

    Braeside, VIC 3195


    #03 9580 7546 (During Business Hours)

    #04 2329 6014 (During Business Hours, SMS for outside business hours)